A short presentation


Founded in 1921 The Male Voice Choir “Sønderborg” has a long history. After World War I times were harsh. So it was decided to form a local four parts male voice choir, giving concerts to light candlelight in the bleak darkness.

Charity concerts for the benefit of elderly fellow citizens have now been replaced by a Christmas celebration.

The repertoire has a wide scope. Patriotic songs and hymns are followed by lighter genre as ballads and musicals. Renewal is “a must.”

Our choir is formed by 40 active members. Training lessons are weekly and attended with great enthusiasm. New singers are heartily welcomed.

Often we are invited by firms and companies to give concerts. In the month of December we regularly give a concert in our parish church. Also old people’s homes are visited.

Every second or third year we go on tour combining studies and socializing as our spouses are welcome too. Travelling abroad, exchanging experiences and music with other singers are important elements in the life of the choir. The singing capacity is enhanced and inspiration for further work is brought home. We are a choir in motion.

We dared compete in 5th Cracovia Cantans, international choir festival in Polish Krakow in 2014 . Prequalification for coming participation was obtained.    

  With all respect to tradition and achievements many singers before us have reached we seek new challenges and commissions in time to come.


Scromowce on Dunajec - boarding river to Slovakia 2014.